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This site is dedicated to my Grandfather, who disappeared after returning from WWI. He fought for my freedom which I know does not come without cost. I am eternally grateful for his efforts and what he stood for. I love you Grandad, good on ya mate. FOR KING & COUNTRY. R.I.P. Albert Alfred Curry.

My family fought in the Australian Imperial Forces WW1 (1916-1918).

I have been researching non-stop for over seven years on Australian WW1 military history. From my families service records to visiting the western front battlefields in France and Belgium I hope these techniques and displays in my website can help you research a Digger from the Great War in greater detail.

Western front travels
What to expect when visiting France and Belgium, My experience in April-May 2008

Photo gallery
Battlefields, War Graves, Museums, Memorials and Places to visit at the Western Front

Walking in the footsteps of my grandfathers
Using my family war diaries to locate the exact positions on the battlefield

The Australian WW1 re-enactment team
Join us on Anzac Day in Sydney to help keep the spirit alive.

About Myself

When I was a small child I used to watch the television series �The World at War� with my parents. I knew it was real and terrifying, but I still wanted to watch it. I remember watching at the beginning of every episode the little boys face disappearing into the flames and wondered why he was so sad.


Author, Stuart Curry.

My brother and I used to play a game we called Army Men. We had two different armies consisting of 100 plastic figurines that we placed all over the room. Germans on one side and Australian, British and American on the other. We grabbed hundreds of elastic bands and we each had one shot at a time to take out as many as we could. The last couple of ones were always the hardest to get. If you took his last one and you had some left then you won the game.

I loved to build model aeroplanes, ships and tanks, but after playing with them they accidentally broke, the pieces got lost and eventually destroyed them. It was great fun! Something I'm sure many boys have done in the past.

My parents always watched the Edinburgh Military Tattoo every year and bag pipes bands made me feel proud. Even the theme song from Hogan's Heroes made my neck hairs stand up on edge, especially the drum roll.

Through the years I watched many war movies, including The Great Escape, A Bridge to Far, The Guns of Navarone. Sink the Bismarck and many more. They gave me courage and inspiration, one in particular, was The Battle Of Brittan. After watching that movie I wanted to become a pilot. That dream did come true. I did fly planes and I became a pilot and flew twin-engine aircraft around Australia.

The reason for setting up this website came when I was researching my Family Tree. I asked my dad about his father and if he had any photos of him. He told me that his sister Daphne had the photos. I went and saw her and I could not believe what I opened up. The first photo looked like my dad, but the one that took my heart was the photo of Albert Alfred Curry in full battle armour - Australian Infantry Uniform. From that point I have never stopped researching for information about my granddad.

I don't want to glorify war. It feels like it has always been a part of me somehow to guard, protect my family, the ones I love and of course Australia.

It breaks my heart to now the story of my Grandfather was almost lost. Now I want to help people restore their Australian Family War Heritage before it disappears forever

Stuart Mitchell Curry

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