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This site is dedicated to my Grandfather, who disappeared after returning from WWI. He fought for my freedom which I know does not come without cost. I am eternally grateful for his efforts and what he stood for. I love you Grandad, good on ya mate. FOR KING & COUNTRY. R.I.P. Albert Alfred Curry.

Items that can also give information about an individualís war history

Australian Uniforms from World War One can sometimes help identify a particular serviceperson. Cloth patches had different shapes and colours showing different Units and Divisions. Certain clothing items such as Hats, Belts, Bandoleers or Boots could be the difference between an Officer or common Infantry Soldier.

Miscellaneous Items can also reveal a particular persons unit or something related to the location of where they were at the time. Souvenirs where commonly kept at the time and sometimes decorated.

Australian Uniforms 1900-1970
Badges and Equipment

Uniform Information


My familyís Miscellaneous items from WW1

Albert Alfred Curry 2 Badges, Custom Wrist Dog Tag, Silver Sports Medallion
Henry Ernest Curry 1 Decorated Item

Henry John Marchment
Robert Westall Marchnent
Stan Hastings Marchment

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