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This site is dedicated to my Grandfather, who disappeared after returning from WWI. He fought for my freedom which I know does not come without cost. I am eternally grateful for his efforts and what he stood for. I love you Grandad, good on ya mate. FOR KING & COUNTRY. R.I.P. Albert Alfred Curry.

Battle Dates will help you find the unitís locations on the battlefield

Next you need to find out what campaigns your particular unit fought in. This should reveal the names and dates of the villages and countries of where the battles took place. For example my family fought at the Western Front between the years of 1916-1918 in France and Belgium. All five of them mainly fought in the Australian 5th Division. Below is a list of their campaigns and names of battle locations where they fought.

These battles were fought on particular date and location which starts to narrow down the position of your soldiers movements. It also provides the second half of your war profile in chapter five.

Campaigns of the Australian 5th Division

Egypt: Defence of Egypt, Western Front: Fromelles, Retreat to the Hindenburg Line, Bullecourt, Polygon Wood, Villers Bretonneux, Morlancourt, Amiens, Peronne, Hindenburg Line.

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Examples of my families Battle Dates

Fromelles 19-20th July 1916
2nd Bullecourt 3rd May 1917
Polygon Wood 26th September 1917
Villers Bretonneux 25th April 1918
Amiens 8th August 1918
Peronne 1st September 1918
Bellicourt 1st October1918

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