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This site is dedicated to my Grandfather, who disappeared after returning from WWI. He fought for my freedom which I know does not come without cost. I am eternally grateful for his efforts and what he stood for. I love you Grandad, good on ya mate. FOR KING & COUNTRY. R.I.P. Albert Alfred Curry.

Australian Red Cross Missing and Wounded Enquiry Bureau Files.

The Australian War Memorial files consist of approximately 32,000 individual cases of Australian personal reported as wounded or missing during the First World War. These are some of the most realistic documents you can read on events that happened during the war. It also makes you realise what these people are going threw on a daily basis

Search for any reports on a particular individual first by typing in the Name or Service Number. If nothing comes up then try the Units they served in and view every report.

Red Cross Missing and Wounded website

Things to look for that could be useful

Dates of where the unit was at the time.
Names of Villages and Towns they were passing.
Major Engagements when the unit was under attack

How accurate are these reports

My Grandfathers brother Stan Hastings Marchment was killed at 3.00am Glencorse Wood, Belgium on the night of the 26.9.1917. He was a private in the 14th Machine Gun Company, 5th Division. From his Service Records I found a document that gives the names of men in his unit that died the same day and buried at the same cemetery.

I was lucky to find a report on one of the three men that died with him that day; M.H.MAISEY 2212. He is also buried next to Stan Hasting Marchment at Belgium Battery Corner Cemetery. The information gathered from this report was very close to what his brother had written in a letter.

Remember that information and dates can be slightly wrong in these files due to the severe conditions they were sometimes written under. A good example was Stan Hastings Marchment was given the wrong date of death. This was brought up in the report on Maisey several times. Also his Unit War Diaries conflicted as well, showing only one person died on the 27.9.17. He was killed with a group of men when a shell came in and got all four of them when they were setting up the machine gun for the attack.

My records show that after the Battle of Polygon Wood the Machine Gun Company guns were at a different position on the 27th of September further east from Glencourse Wood near the Butte itself at Polygon Wood. Also there was no heavy bombardment that day. One final piece of evidence was his father’s grave at Port Macquarie showed a plaque with Stan’s death being on the 26th September 1917.

Reports of my family who served in WW1

Albert Alfred Curry
Henry Ernest Curry

Henry John Marchment
Robert Westall Marchnent
Stan Hastings Marchment Case File 2212 M.H.Maisey

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