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This site is dedicated to my Grandfather, who disappeared after returning from WWI. He fought for my freedom which I know does not come without cost. I am eternally grateful for his efforts and what he stood for. I love you Grandad, good on ya mate. FOR KING & COUNTRY. R.I.P. Albert Alfred Curry.

Internet Links

These are the main websites I use for researching a Digger.

- Australian War Memorial (Canberra)
- National Archives of Australia
- Commonwealth War Graves Commission
- Australian Light Horse Association
- Department of Veterans Affairs
- The Friends and Family of the First AIF (FFFAIF)
- Picture Australia
- World War One Battlefields
- Polygon Wood (Johan the dugout specialist in Belgium)
- Australians on the Western Front 1914–1918
- Digger History
- First World War
- First AIF Order of Battle 1914-1918
- Australian Battlefields of World War One
- The Western Front
- The War Times Journal
- 1918 Australians in France
- Australians at War 1788-1999
- Leaders of Anzac
- Anzac Day
- Casualty Clearance (Hospitals)
- Silent Cities WW1 Cemeteries
- WW1 Cemeteries
- The War Graves Photographic Project
- Visit Gallipoli
- Gallipoli Graveyards
- Mapping Gallipoli
- Gallipoli peninsula
- Gallipoli photographs
- Old Front Line Battlefields of world war one (U.K)
- Salientpoints (U.K)
- Tommies Guides (U.K)
- The Long, Long Trail (U.K)
- The Western Front Association (U.K)
- Imperial War Museum (U.K)
- Royal Australian Navy
- World Naval Ships Forums
- All the World’s Battlecruisers
- HMAS Australia (1911)
- The Merchant Navy Association
- World War 1 Naval Combat
- Navy Museum
- The Royal Australian Navy in the Great War
- U-Boats
- History of 3 Squadron
- Aircraft and Aviation Museums
- Australian Flying Corps
- Who shot the Red Barron
- Royal Australian Artillery National Museum (Sydney)
- Royal New South Wales Lancers Memorial Museum (Sydney)
- Mat McLachlan Battlefield Tours
- Australian War Memorial Battlefield Tours
- Albatross Western Front Battlefield Tours
- Via Michelin (European roadmaps)

YouTube Clips

- Shooting the Lewis Gun
- Shooting the Vickers Machine Gun
- 1910 maxim burst
- Rapid Fire – Lee Enfield Ypres March 2008
- 18 Pounder field gun firing four rounds rapid fire
- The 13 and 18 Pdr British Artillery Guns in WW1
- Ordanance QF 18-pounder
- WW1 Relic stokes 3 inch trench Motar
- Big Birtha – Russian detective-First World War
- WW1- French & US Navy Railroad guns
- Mine Explosion
- Top Ten Tanks- #4: WW1 Tank
- German Sturmpanzerwagen A7V Tank
- 20th Century Battlefields: Ep 1 “1918 Western Front” (1/6)
- 20th Century Battlefields: Ep 1 “1918 Western Front” (2/6)
- 20th Century Battlefields: Ep 1 “1918 Western Front” (3/6)
- 20th Century Battlefields - Western Front” (4/6)
- 20th Century Battlefields - Western Front” (6/6)
- Battle of Jutland (May 31-June 1, 1916)
- Battleship HMS Dreadnought
- Imperial German Navy
- The Reality of World War One
- Over the Front – original aircraft forage
- The Red Barron
- The Last Post At The Menin Gate, Ypres
- The Battle of Passchendaele, World War 1
- RIP Harry Patch
- Great War Veteran Harry Patch dies
- The Last Anzac


The LIGHTHORSEMAN : Magna Pacific
GALLIPOLI : Roadshow Entertainment
ANZACS : Roadshow Entertainment
The Lost Battalion : 20th Century Fox
FLYBOYS : Magna Pacific
The BLUE MAX : 20th Century Fox
LAWRENCE of Arabia : Columbia Pictures


GALLIPOLI Line of Fire : Magna Pacific
GALLIPOLI Untold Stories : The Sydney Morning Herald
MONASH The Forgotten Anzac: ABC DVD
TRENCHES Battleground WW1: MRA Entertainment
WORLD WAR 1 in colour : Fremantle Media
Australia in World War I: ScreenSound Australia
HAMEL The Turning Point : Fighting Spirit
1914-1918 The Great War & the shaping of a century : BBC
THE GREAT WAR : Rajon vision
WORLD WAR I The Fight for the Skies : Network Entertainment
4 YEARS OF THUNDER : Magna Pacific


AA Anti Aircraft
AAH Australian Auxiliary Hospital
AAMC Australian Army Medical Corps
AANS Australian Army Nursing Service
AAOC Australian Army Ordnance Corps
AASC Australian Army Service Corps
AASCMT AASC Mechanical Transport
AAVC Australian Army Veterinary Corps
ABC Australian Base Depot
AB/Dvr Able Bodied Driver
ACCS Australian Casualty Clearing Station
ACD Australian Command Depot
AConD Australian Convalescent Depot
A/Cpl Acting Corporal
Act. Acting
A/CSM Acting Company Sergeant Major
ADBD Australian Divisional Base Depot
ADH Australian Dermatological Hospital
Adm. Admitted
ADS Advanced Dressing Station
Advd. Advised
AE Australian Engineers
AE & MM Australian Electrical & Mechanical Mining
& BC & Boring Company
AFA Australian Field Artillery
AFC Australian Flying Corps
A.F.C. Air Force Cross
AGA Australian Garrison Artillery
AGBD Australian General Base Depot
AGH Australian General Hospital
AM Aircraft Mechanic
AMGBD Australian Machine Gun Base Depot
AMTS Australian Mechanical Transport Service
AMVS Australian Mobile Veterinary Section
AN & MEF Australian Navy & Military Exp. Force
AI Accidentally Injured
AIBD Australian Infantry Base Depot
AIF Australian Imperial Forces
ALH Australian Light Horse
AL Rwy Australian Light Railway
ALROC Australian Light Railway Operating Coy
AMC Australian Medical Corps
ANZAC Australian and Zealand Army Corps
AOC Army Ordinance Corps
APayC Australian Pay Corps
APC Australian Provost Corps
APM Australian Provost Marshall
Apt. Appointed
Arty. Artillery
ASC Army Service Corps
A/Sgt Acting Sergeant
ASH Australian Stationary/Special Hospital
Aux. Auxiliary
AW Accidentally Wounded
AWL Absent without leave
AVES Australian Veterinary Evacuating Station
AVH Australian Veterinary Hospital
BAC Brigade Ammunition Column
Bar Second award of same bravery
Batt. Battalion
Bde Brigade
Bdr Bombardier
BEF British Expeditionary Force
BG Brigadier General
BGROC Broad Gauge Railway Operating Coy.
BL Breech Loading
BMHA Brigade Major Heavy Artillery
Bn. Battalion
BTE British Troops in Egypt
Btn. Battalion
Bty Battery
BW Bullet wound
Can. Canadian
Capt. Captain
CB Counter Battery
C.B. Companion of the order of the Bath
CC Convalescent Camp
CC Confined to camp (as punishment)
CCS Casualty Clearing Station
CE Chief Engineer
C De G. Croix De Guerre Medal
C.M.G. Companion of the order of St Michael and St George
CO Commanding Officer
Col. Colonel
Com. Dep. Command Depot
Con Dep. Convalescent Depot
Coy Company
Cpl. Corporal
Cps Corps
CQMS Company Quartermaster Sergeant
CSM Company Sergeant Major
Cyc Coy Cyclist Company
DAC Divisional Ammunition Column
D.C.M. Distinguished Conduct Medal
D.C.M. Divisional Court Martial
Den Cps Dental Corps
Decd Deceased
D.F.C. Distinguished Flying Cross
Dis. Discharged
Div (Dn) Division
D Died
DOA Died of Accident
DOD Died of Disease
DOI Died of Illness
DOW Died of Wounds
DPOW Died whilst Prisoner of War
DSC Divisional Supply Column
D.S.O. Distinguished Service Order
Dvr. Driver
DWS Death due to War Service
EDP Escort Duty Promotion
EEF Egyptian Expeditionary Force
Emb. Embarked
Engrs Engineers
FA Field Artillery
FAB Field Artillery Brigade
F Amb Field Ambulance
Far. Farrier
FCE Field Company Engineers
FTD Full-time Duty
FM Field Marshal
FP Field Punishment (No.1 or No.2)
Genl. General
GG Governor General
GH General Hospital
GHQ General Head Quarters
GCM General Court Martial
GSO General Staff Officer
GSR General Service Reinforcements
GSW Gun Shot Wound
Gnr Gunner
G.C. George Cross
HAG Heavy Artillery Group
HE High Explosive
HMAHS His Majesty’s Australian Hospital Ship
HMAS His Majesty’s Australian Ship
HMAT His Majesty’s Australian Troop
How. Howitzer
HQ/Hdrs. Headquarters
HT Horse Transport
HTMB Heavy Trench Mortar Battery
ICC Imperial Camel Corps
Inf. Infantry
Infl. Influenza
In The Field The generic term for the “Front”
KIA Killed in Action
L/Cpl. Lance Corporal
LG Lewis Gun
LGS Lewis Gun Section
LGROC Light Gauge Railway Operating Company
LH Light Horse
LH Bde Light Horse Brigade
LHFA Light Horse Field Ambulance
LHR Light Horse Regiment
LHRR Light Horse Reserve Regiment
L/Sgt. Lance Sergeant
Lt. Lieutenant
Lt/Col. Lieutenant Colonel
Lt/Gen Lieutenant General
LTMB Light Trench Mortar Battery
Maj. Major
Maj/Gen Major General
M.C. Military Cross
MD Military District
MI Marched In
MO Medical Officer
M/O Marched Out
MOD Minister of Defence
MEF Mediterranean Expeditionary Force
MG Coy. Machine Gun Company
MG Sqn. Machine Gun Squadron
MG Bn. Machine Gun Battalion
MIA Missing in Action
Mid. Mentioned in Despatches
MM Military Medal
M.S.M. Meritorious Service Medal
MT/Dvr Motor Transport Driver
MTMB Medium Trench Mortar Battery
MVS Mobile Veterinary Section
NME Non Military Employment
NOK Next of Kin
NYD Not yet Determined/Diagnosed
OC Officer Commanding
OP Observation Post
OTC Officer Training College
Pnr. Pioneers
PO Petty Officer
Proc. Proceeded
POW Prisoner of War
PUO Pyrexia of unknown origin
Pte. Private
QF Quick Firing
QM Quarter Master
RAA Royal Australian Artillery
RAE Royal Australian Engineers
RANBT Royal Australian Naval Bridging Train
RAP Regimental Aid Post
Reg. Regiment
Reinf. Reinforcements
RFA Royal Field Artillery
RFC Royal Flying Corps
RMO Regimental Medical Officer
RMT Unit Remount Unit
R.R.C. Royal Red Cross
RSD Railhead Supply Detachment
RSM Regimental Sergeant Major
RTA Returned to Australia
RTU Returned to Unit
SAN Sect Sanitation Section
SB Siege Battery
Sect. Section
Sgt Sergeant
SH Stationary Hospital
Sig. Signals
Sig Tp Signals Troop
SIW Self-inflicted Wound
SM Sergeant Major
SMLE Short Magazine Lee Enfield
SMTO Short Mechanical Transport Officer
S/Maker Shoe Maker
SOS Struck Off Strength
Sap. Sapper
Sqn. Squadron
SS Shell Shock
S/Sgt Staff Sergeant
S/Smith Shoeing Smith
STS Sea Transport Staff
SW Shrapnel Wound
T/Cpl Temporary Corporal
Temp. Temporary
Tfd. Transferred
TM Trench Mortar
Tng. Training
TOS Taken On Strength
Tp Troop
Trans. Transferred
T/Sgt Temporary Sergeant
Tun Coy. Tunnelling Company
Vacc. Vaccination
V.C. Victoria Cross
VD Venereal Disease
V.D. Volunteer Officers Decoration
Vet Sect Veterinary Section
Vice Replacing
Whr Wheeler (wheelwright)
WIA Wounded In Action
WOI Warrant Officer Class 1
WOII Warrant Officer Class 2
WOAS While On Active Service

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