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This site is dedicated to my Grandfather, who disappeared after returning from WWI. He fought for my freedom which I know does not come without cost. I am eternally grateful for his efforts and what he stood for. I love you Grandad, good on ya mate. FOR KING & COUNTRY. R.I.P. Albert Alfred Curry.

Compose a Story about a Digger

A lot of material, especially Australian stories from the Great War are starting to disappear and be forgotten. Hopefully these small steps can help you write your family’s history and preserve it. After collecting valuable information on your soldier’s military service from the previous chapter compose a war diary. You can now work on your military stories knowing that you have all the facts.

You can also share your military history and help keep the Digger spirit alive by contributing your story and photos to various associations, government departments and projects. To give you a guide and better understanding of how to write your stories and where to place them please investigate useful links given below.

Personal Histories
Stories about WW1 Diggers.

Constructing & Publishing
Writing Unit Histories & Biographies.

Books on WW1
Military Booksellers & Comprehensive List of Military Books.

Share your History
Record and Preserve your family’s military history.

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